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Meal Prep Marathon, Lunch! Part 2 of 3

If you have already read part 1, skip ahead to the recipe and directions.

Disclaimer: we do not believe we follow "the best" diet possible for maximizing healthspan and longevity, nor do we believe that such a diet even exists. We do, however, eat a healthy diet and meal prepping helps make it possible in our busy lives.

Meal prepping is preparing food ahead of time, often in large quantities, usually on whichever weekend day works best. This 3 part series will take you on a brief walk through our prep-diet. Meal prepping helps ensure that we:

1. Eat healthy stuff

2. Don't eat unhealthy stuff

3. Save time

4. Save money

Prepping significantly improves our intake of vegetables and fiber while avoiding tempting processed foods like bagels, muffins, donuts, pizzas, and deli sandwiches that are often offered for free at the hospital. Additionally, one of the most difficult parts of eating well is managing the [times of day] you consume food. Cooking dinner after a long and tiring day at work is not only difficult, but it wreaks havoc on a healthy eating schedule. Much better to eat earlier if possible.

Note: All of my ingredient measurements are “rough” estimates. I don’t measure anything to save time. When the ingredients are healthy, my main objective is to get the texture right - which you will get a feel for over time. That being said, if I am adding sugar or another ingredient which I care about tracking / minimizing intake on - I do measure.

It begins with a trip to my favorite store, Publix.

Time at Publix: 20 minutes

Total time to prep all of the food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, protein foods): 2 hours 30 minutes

Veggie Plate w/ Eggs +/- Scallops - Lunch (meal prep 4 days at a time for veggie freshness):

Prep: 30 min (make banana bread while the veggies are being cooked in the microwave)

Dish of choice: 3 cup rectangular glass pyrex

Plated Veggies


-Random assortment of veggies (usually 3 per meal) – as many as it takes to fill up our dish

-Broccoli, cauliflower, yellow squash, okra, brussel sprouts, green beans, spinach

-1 tablespoon hummus (artichoke and spinach or jalapeno & cilantro)

-1 tablespoon guacamole

-Carrots to scoop hummus and guacamole

-1 tablespoon olive tamponade

-5 to 10 manzanilla olives

-1 tablespoon spicy pumpkin seeds

-2 tablespoons feta cheese

-1 to 2 hard-boiled egg served with Grey Poupon (made with horseradish) mustard

-Himalayan / sea salt and fresh ground pepper

Veggie Ingredients


1. Gather 4 day’s worth of veggies (this will vary a lot between people…about 6 bags of frozen veggies for each of us – total 12)

2. Place as many as you can in a large glass dish and microwave for 6 minutes

3. Stir the veggies

4. Continue microwaving until they are ready – if you like your veggies more on the raw side, 6 may be fine, otherwise you may be doing closer to 10 or 12 minutes

5. I usually hard boil 12 eggs at a time – cover completely with water, turn on high, once the water is boiling turn to low for 10 minutes

Prepping the Dishes (4 days at a time):

1. Add veggies until the dish is almost full

2. Add hummus, olives, pumpkin seeds, feta cheese, salt, pepper

Prep on eating day:

1. 1 tablespoon guacamole

2. Peel the hard-boiled eggs and place them in separate container with the mustard

3. Place about 1/2 cup of curry scallops in separate container (see protein prep post)

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