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Helping People Age Successfully

by applying the science of longevity

Laura Buchanan, M.D. and Matthew Calkins, M.D.


Our Mission For This Website 

On this website we plan to compile information relating to our biggest passion: prolonging healthspan and longevity. Healthspan is the length of time that a person is not just alive, but healthy and thriving. Compare this with lifespan, which does not take into account debilitating chronic diseases that erode quality of life. Increasing healthspan requires optimization of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. We call this “aging successfully”.


Aging successfully begins prenatally and continues throughout life. However, it is never too late to begin! Both our personal and professional experiences have impressed upon us the drastic impact that lifestyle can have on healthspan and longevity. This is the motivation for this website: We hope to inspire others and give them the tools needed to embark on a journey of optimizing their health and the health of those around them.


The topics covered on this website will be all encompassing of the science of longevity. This, by definition, means the material will be broad as longevity is founded upon nutritional biochemistry, exercise physiology, sleep physiology, hormonal homeostasis, and mental wellness.


The quote: “Truthseeking is the desire to know the truth regardless of whether the truth aligns with the beliefs we currently hold” best describes how we approach novel problems and novel solutions. This quote, from Annie Duke’s “Thinking in Bets” underlines the fact that as physicians and health enthusiasts we must constantly strive for truth and that is the gold standard to which we will hold this website.


Finally, we thrive when we make a positive impact. If anything we post makes you feel better or inspires you to make lifestyle changes, feel free to reach out by email to share your story!

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